Picture Frame Border

Step 2: Pick Your Pattern


Cemented Deal Base with Silk Chocolate Highlight

Designing Your Project Starts Here

Traditional Tile: Square Tiles in Any Size, lined up with your area to Give a Simple Consistent Look to the Area.

Hallmark: Acrylic Concrete Applied by Spraying Even Coat to give a Even and Consistent Look Across the Entire Area

Long Brick Border

No Border

Cemented Deal Base with a Fresh Concrete Highlight

Modern Stone: Random Squares and Rectangles, in Varying Sizes, which give a paver look to any area.

Hint of Grey Base with Silver Grey Highlight

Step 3: Pick Your Border

  Gull Grey Base with a Pearl Grey Highlight

Hand Troweled: Acrylic Concrete Applied with Steel Trowel to Give a Natural Look with Movement and Motion Across the Entire Area.

Pointed Flagstone: Straight Edged Stones, Carved by Hand, to Give a Rigid, Angular look to the Area.

Bombay Base with a Sandstone Highlight

Step 1: Pick Your Texture

Diagonal Tile: Square Tiles in Any Size, Turned on a 45 Degree Angle to Add Class and EleganceType your paragraph here.

Step 4: Pick Your Colors

Short Brick Border

Small Stone Border

Hand Cut Stone: Curved Rounded Stones, Carved by Hand to Give a Smooth Flowing Look to the Area.